Be A Lite Girl!
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Small girls. Big potential.

Because today's girls are tomorrow's mothers, Lite Girl products seek to celebrate and instill core values into our precious daughters, our next generation.

Lite Girls characters, like Yael, gently transmit the principles of Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Hashem, encouraging our girls to grow and become the kind of women and mothers who make this world a better place.

Our expanding product line, developed for girls ages 4-11, is instantly lovable and collectible. Girls will convey the Lite Girl values in their homes, schools, camps, and more importantly, hearts.

«That's why I'm a lite girl and you can be one too!»

Lite Girl nurtures inner beauty and creates self respect. A Lite girl is a leader by example,      a giver, and a very best friend.

Love. Inspire. Teach. Encourage.
Ignite the potential... with these four words.